The Developement Process

Building a software could be likend to building a house, a car or something of similar technicality. The biggest mistake will be to just rush into it, as catastrophe will be patiently waiting in the future. Azed Communications is here to save you from any form of mishap. In simple terms the planning stage is the most important aspect of software developement, like a building, the foundation has to be gotten right so as to sutain the size of the structure, number of daily inhabitants, types of inhabtants and lots more. In software we look at traffic, scalability and usability. A software may seem to work well at the early stage but once the users start getting in things start to seem different.

Through many years of learning from painful experiences we can say we have gained a good level of perfection in the art of software development. Having built and grown software that have amassed thousands of users and processed over a million records we can boost to have a proven track record that can be relied upon.

Our Process

We consider a lot of things before diving into the development process and make change based on test conducted with the worst case target users, making multiple iterations before delivering on a project. Bellow are some pointers;
  • The problem the application is going to solve.
  • The target users or expected users of the mobile application.
  • The largest estimate of daily users.
  • Type of data that shall be processed on the system e.g videos, pictures plain text or all.
  • Type of transactions to be performed on the system so as to have improved security for payment channels and lots more.

Innovative Simple Solutions

We ensure we create the best experience suitable to all devices and operating system, be it android or IOS we provide sleek modern and simple to use innovative solutions.

How we provide our service

  • First we ask specific questions based on the bullet points enumerated earlier to gain better insight on the project.
  • We conduct deep research to know what technologies would work best and how they should be applied.
  • We create a mock up design for the clients approval.
  • We begin developement of the system based on what has been learnt thus far.
  • We test the application for bugs and to ensure a seamless user experience is established.
  • We deliver, present and coach the client on the administrative functionalities of the system.

What's your benefit

  • Having industry leading software engineers work on your project.
  • Assurance of top class modern delivery that competes globally.
  • A product developed to scale and meet efficiently the needs of your users.
  • Assurance of adequate security on your system or application.
  • A standby support team to help with issues, product growth and user acceptance.