About Us

Ruthless in perfection, Azed Communications is a major leader in providing cutting edge ICT solutions, services and products.

Business Management Solutions

Monitor your business from any where in the world, regardless of the type of business you run, we have got you covered.

Business Accounting Solutions

Say an end to losses with our simplified and easy to use business accounting tools for large retail or wholesale outlets.

School Management Solutions

Keep your school, students and parents more connected to each other while also simplifying your school management process.

Our Services

Our core service's and our process of delivery listed bellow.

Software Development

Its not about mindlessly churning out code but structuring systems from the ground up through a solution driven research strategy, thus creating software's geared towards your target users.

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Hardware Engineering

We love to be a part of technological innovations. Our team, vast in modern hardware engineering tools and techniques have a proven record of delivering in a neat, sleek and durable finish.

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Android/IOS App Development

Only if you need modern, sleek, scalable and easy to use applications. We are not about creating stuff just to get paid but partnering to bring out the best on any project.

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Digital Marketing

With proven strategies in marketing on social media pages, we also posses in large amounts, valid data for email and SMS marketing.

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Corporate Branding

Our industry experts are skilled in getting your business values out there in the most simplistic, innovative and creative manner. This we do through research and a proven methodology.

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Project Consultancy

There is nothing more painful than spending years on a project that is not needed or eventually fails. Our professionals will help you validate your idea or show you how to make it a success.

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Why Choose Us

Every client is a partner. We partner on almost every project we work on, taking it as a personal project. We go all the way to research on what works best, what is truly efficient and simple to use. Our core is to use creativity to solve problems with technology, and we have very amazing people with many years of professional experience who are very excited and committed to doing just that.

Modern Design Software or Hardware

We have a reputation to maintain and from our inception our aim has always been to be the best. We set our clients with standards that can compete globally.

Product Acceptance Growth / Acceleration

It's not until a product hits the market that you realize the users are not acting as expected. We have through experience known what it takes for a product to gain user acceptance and scale. This we do for every customer.

Research Oriented Development

All products must be designed to be simple to use by it's target market. Through experience we have defined a research methodology to make this simple, carefully testing every functionality of a system with the worst-case users for proper enhancement.

Stress Free Customer Relationship

It takes months to gain a customer and seconds to loose them and we don't want to loose you. For that we have a dedicated customer service assigned to each customer, that will always be ready to answer every question and walk you through the process.

Industry leaders in Technological Innovation.

Let's make your dream come true.

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